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middle[edit | edit source]


Failed to parse (unknown function "\middle"): {\displaystyle \left\{x \in A \middle| x > 0\right\}}

what currently works:

However the middle delimiter does not grow with the arguments. This is wanted in some cases, i.e. see

A workaround is to use the \Bigg etc

f \in \mathcal C^\infty(\mathbb R^n) 
\forall \alpha, \beta \in \mathbb N_0^n: \left\| x^\alpha \frac{\partial^\beta}{\partial x^\beta} f \right\|_\infty < \infty 

Longrightarrow[edit | edit source]


0\, \xrightarrow{f}\, A\, \xrightarrow{\ g\ }\, B\, \xrightarrow{\;\;h\;\;}\, C\, \xrightarrow{\quad i\quad}\, D\, \xrightarrow{\quad}\, 0

other[edit | edit source]

Failed to parse (unknown function "\strokedint"): {\displaystyle \strokedint}
Failed to parse (Conversion error. Server ("") reported: "Cannot get mml. TeX parse error: Undefined control sequence \intbar"): {\displaystyle \intbar }