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I've now been blocked on two of three of the projects I'm working on, for reasons I don't quite understand. But I'm a nice person, and you may contact me on my talk page, here or on any other project. I'll be notified via the global account system.

My contributions
English Wikipedia German Wikipedia English Wikibooks
Glivenko's theorem Verallgemeinerte Fibonacci-Folge General Topology
Bienaymé's identity Chordale Metrik
Graph (topology) There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom
Haar space Satz von Kawasaki
Axiom of finite choice Satz von Maekawa
Meissel–Lehmer algorithm Linksendliche Menge
Lp sum Levi-Civita-Körper
Banach lattice Where Everything Is Music
Atmospheric Brown Cloud
Distributionelle Lösung
Kohlewirtschaft Kolumbiens

Q: Who wrote all these Wikipedia debates? A: J.R.R. Trashtolkien!