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Glivenko's theorem Verallgemeinerte Fibonacci-Folge
Bienaymé's identity Chordale Metrik
Graph (topology) There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom
Haar space Satz von Kawasaki
Axiom of finite choice Satz von Maekawa
Meissel–Lehmer algorithm Linksendliche Menge
Lp sum Levi-Civita-Körper
Banach lattice Where Everything Is Music
Atmospheric Brown Cloud
Distributionelle Lösung
Kohlewirtschaft Kolumbiens

About me

I'm a Diva who has tantrums now and then, a condescending ass worsening articles just because I think I'm clever, I am condescending and rude and run off to ANI when I'm able to provoke a reaction, I should stop editing articles I don't understand, I lack even a basic ability to empathize, I should hurry to prove that mathematicians are not all dorks who can't cope with real life, it can't be assumed that I am susceptible to collegial humour, I better troll somewhere else, and the state of my judgement capability is worrying at best.

But feel free to leave a message at my talk page! :-D