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Maggie Mae McClure[edit]


I'm an IDS (PreK-6) major attending Old Dominion University through the Wytheville Community College Site. I graduated from Grayson County High School in 2007 and I graduate from Wytheville with my Associate's in Education this spring. I plan on graduating from ODU with my Bachelor's in 2011 and my Master's in 2012.


I live in Hillsville, Virginia with my husband and beautiful baby girl, Kylie Mae. She's grown so much and is very intelligent for a two year old.


Special Interests[edit]

I'm co-President of the Alpha Delta Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. I'm a youth group leader at my church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, where I get to spend time with children aged K-6. I sing in my church's choir, my car, and shower (The shampoo gives a standing ovation everytime). I have a severe passion for reading. Whenver I get a spare moment, you'll find my nose in a book. Favorite authors are: Kate Chopin Jane Austen Sandra Brown Stuart Woods Judith Michaels

Educational Philosophy[edit]

It's hard for me to already identify my educational philosophy becuase there's so much that I want to do as a teacher. I think that education has to be fun for students to enjoy it and effectively learn. If a child isn't excited about what they're learning there's an unlikely chance that they'll retain that information for use outside of school.

I believe that too much emphasis is placed on tests as assessment. I think that students will only see their education as a multiple choice test. In my experience I crammed information in my head for a test and then forgot it once the test was over. I want to give students a chance to retain their information for use in the "real world" and I want them to enjoy learning.

I believe that virtually every student can succeed.

It's probably fairly cheesy, but it's a work in progress, like my life.