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Laura Stull
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Laura Stull was born and raised in the heartland of the United States, mainly the Nebraska and Wyoming area. At the age of nineteen, Laura married her high school sweetheart and started a new chapter in her life. When her husband joined the navy, they were up-rooted to Virginia where she later joined the Air Force Reserves and is now currently a full time student at old Dominion University and a part time math tutor.


To be quite honest, Laura doesn't know much about the educational system and is quite in the dark about teaching others. She has changed her major many times but has always loved math and loved teaching math to many of her peers. While taking this class she hopes to broaden her horizon and incorporate the many teaching styles that she is sure to learn. The one subject that Laura would like to learn more on would be testing. File:Laura and baby.jpg Is it really that necessary to do so many tests? Are there other, better ways to figure out a child's academic ability? Can we one day be rid of the standardized testing in public schools? Theses and more questions will hopefully be covered through out this semester.

Future Teacher!

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