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Leanna Bannana

I am currently a sophomore by credits and a junior by attendance at Old Dominion University. I am an Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration in Elementary Education PK-6 Major. I am a full-time mother and a part-time student and bank teller at my church, yet I have held great academic standing thus far in spite of the many roles I play. I believe we all have multiple personality traits in which I have been told that I have plenty :D I am a very determined individual that excels at whatever I put my hands to. I have been told that I am a very optimistic young lady yet can be very feisty in heated moments. I notice that my friends laugh when I talk sooo I guess you can call me funny… or corny :p . I am also a very detailed person and ask a lot of questions – call me slow if you wanna ! :D I believe that honesty is the best policy especially concerning the ones you love. As you can see I love to talk talk talk… so allow my pictures to speak a thousand more words to you than what I could have in my text.

Teaching Philosophy[edit]

It is my duty to serve my students as a waitress does her customers as my students feed on what they have learned and as I patiently await their requests as to how I can better enable them to enjoy what they have been served. I take joy in their progress and sorrow in their failure because I am a replica of what they accomplish and what they don't. It has been my biggest dream to have an opportunity to be used as role model and an instructor of those who seek knowledge, and I will make it my reality to accomplish that what it means to be a successful teacher: an occurrence, idea, or object from which something may be learned (Encarta Dictionary).

I. Diversity

Special Needs

All children should be treated the same yet all children aren’t going to be taught the same. Without a doubt there are many learning capacities amongst the human race, yet that doesn't supersede one way of learning over another. In reference to special needs children, I believe patience and creativity is required for teachers. I am aware there are classes that have been set aside specifically for special needs children. This type of environment is beneficial for all that are involved: the teachers,the students, and the parents.


As mentioned before all children ought to be treated the same regardless, in this case, of gender. Males and females obviously are wired differently, yet as a prospective teacher I will be teaching based on content, so if there is any misunderstanding due to a gender issue, I most definitely will address the issue(s) at the best of my ability. To reiterate, I desire not only to teach but to be a positive role model ,most especially for the young girls within my classroom due to the overpowering negative sterotypes of women that has been readily available for children in todays society.


Bilingual education most def. is a wise field of study due to the progression of immigration of Spanish speaking peoples in America. Ebonics is now the standard of which we speak informally, yet I will strive to be a teacher that instills and inspires students to excel even in their everyday form of communication outside of the classroom.


I believe the interconnectedness of students with different learning capabilities and different levels of academic comprehension work far better than segregating them into their own groups.

II. Instructional Strategies

I believe a balance between lectures and group assignments should be practiced, at least that’s what I intend to practice. No one student learns the same so the curriculum shouldn’t be taught in one way rather several.

III. Classroom Environment I picture my future classroom to be one of an inviting atmosphere for parents to feel free to express their opinions and suggestion as to how I can better serve their child. My classroom will exhibit many motivational quotes and positive imagery for the benefit of the students. I will allow students to feel free to express themselves with me --in an appropriate manner. Again I am there for them not the other way around, so I intend to make sure they have a voice as to how effective I am as a teacher and suggestions as to how they can be more receptive in learning.

IV. Technology I will use all forms of technological aid to assist me as a teacher to such as (Overhead Projectors old school I know but always wanted to use them lol)Powerpoint, Videos, Music, Internet, etc.