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ReportUser is a user script designed to report users in fewer steps. Instead of finding a user, copying the username, navigating to WB:Reading room/Administrative Assistance and manually writing a request to block the user, just go to the users contributions page (or user/talk page), press "report", and write a reason to report them. The script does the rest.

Supported Wikis

[edit | edit source]

The script currently only works on the following wikis:

  2. meta

Some of which are not wikimedia wikis:


Request for more here.


[edit | edit source]

Add the following code to your common.js file:


The script does currently not work for admins, since they can just block them. But if you really want to use it for whatever reason, just copy the whole script to your /common.js page and change the line that says var force_enabled_for_admins = false; to var force_enabled_for_admins = true;.

You also cannot report yourself.

If you would like to opt-in for beta tests (not recommended), just replace the ReportUser.js to ReportUser/Beta.js. Be warned that it might stop working at any time and without warning.


[edit | edit source]

The following settings can be set at the top of the script. To do so, copy the script to your userspace and import that page to your /common.js subpage instead of the original one.

  1. can_report_self - deafult: false - if true, allows you to report yourself. Only used for testing purposes.
  2. force_enabled_for_admins - deafult: false - if true, you can use the script even if you are an admin.

See also

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Patch notes

[edit | edit source]

0.0.4 (upcoming): currently unable to test script. Changes: improved edit summarys, added settings, fixed a tooltip, improved block request text for en.wikibooks, improved the reason input text

0.0.3 (25 / 1 2023): bug fixes, cannot report yourself or somebody already reported

0.0.2 (24 / 1 / 2023): bug fixes, added support for meta and en.uncyclopedia

0.0.1 (23 / 1 /2023): script ready to use