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Im currently not active, and probably wont be active for a while. If you want to know what im doing, im probably bashing my head in losing brain cells on Uncyclopedia.

Sunday (14) / 07 / 2024 (update)

A lion who pretends to be a human! No, really, I am a human,[citation needed][dubious][based on what?] really.

I also like domesticated cats and other big-cats, but not as much as lions. The lion king was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, and is probably the source of my liking to lions.

If you've seen this exact same username somewhere else, it is either me, somebody trying to imitate me, or somebody who doesn't even know who I am.[1]

I have email enabled as well, but not for new users. If you need to contact me with email, go to another user, like Atcovi, who can send the message to me. It is an anti-spam precaution.

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User rights: Reviewer

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Contribution method

Alternate accounts: L10nM4st3r (4lt)

Doppelganger accounts: want to try to imitate me? These account usernames are unavailable! L10m4st3r

Non-Wikimedia wikis: I also have other wiki accounts, listed here. I am usually not active on them:

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Times talkpage was vandalized: 5 (excluding times the reverts were reverted)

Wikibookaholic score: 516 (last: 442)

Idiotic level: 1999999.5/10


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I'm a Star Wars fan!
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To-do list [edit]

  • Empty b:Special:PendingChanges and b:Special:UnreviewedPages. one day - maybe in a million years. I might try it after becoming a zombie or something. Not that I'm much different to one anyway
  • Create a Wikibook about making good pixel art, but I need to get better at it first

In-jokes with my friend

  • Its a "tytpo", not a "typo"

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  1. Basically, I just listed every possibility, so if I got this wrong, I will go insane...