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File:J and Kim.jpg

My Fiancee Tom AKA JR and I on New Years night.

Who is Kim Stepp:

I was born in Hampton Virginia and was raised in Yorktown Virginia.

I am am currently 25 years old and engaged to a man in the Army.

I danced for a studio/company from the age of 5 to 18. I love jazz and hip hop.

I have two dogs (Missy and Bella).

Missy is a mix (Heinz 57) Bella is a pure bread brown Lab.

I am currently an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teachers Assistant for Newport News Public Schools.

I plan on teaching Elementary level.

In my free time I love to spend time with friends, my Fiancee and my 2 god sons and god daughter.

I love music! Mostly listen to hard rock but I love all types.

File:Zekaria.jpg My favorite kid in the whole world AKA Satan's Spawn!


I graduated from York High School in 2002.

Started out in Aug. 2002 at Radford University.

Transfered to Thomas Nelson Community College in 2004.

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development from Thomas Nelson Community College (2007)

Currently in the process of getting my Bachelors then Masters in Elementary Education from Old Dominion University.

File:D and Kim.jpg My Chocolate Teady Bear AKA Sexy Man and I

My Current Philosophy on Education

I belive that Teaching needs to be fun for the Teacher and the Student. I have seen to many times a Teacher standing at the front of the classroom lecturing on a topic and students asleep at their desk. If we make Teaching more interactive then learning is more fun. I love the idea of using smart boards in the classroom to help teach topics, along with more technology. I also think Teachers need to be patient and understanding of all their students. Now a days we have immigrants and refugees in our classrooms who do not know a bit of english. We also may have homeless children in our classrooms. As a Teacher it is our responsibility to know each and every one of our students. We need to know the background including family life, living conditions, if the are from another country, ect. Now this is a long shot and probably will not happen for a long time but I strongly believe we need to get rid of the SOL's. But I think all in all Teachers need to spend more time getting to know the backgrounds of their students. I believe once you know each and every one of your students then and only then can you true begin to understand them and help them in all the ways they need to be helped.