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Hello! My name is Kierra Jones I am a sophmore math major, secondary education. My birthday is May 9, yea Taurus!!!!!!!!!! I have a 5-month old daughter, her birthday is august 10. If I am not working or in class I spend my time reading fiction novels, listening to music, cooking, and spending time with my daughter. I plan to graduate fall 2011. In the future I plan on attending medical school to become a pediatrician, I also want to open my own practice. Teaching was not my first choice of profession, but as a young girl I did have a passion to become a part-time school teacher. That only changed when I got to middle school and learned how rude and disresptful these kids could be! lol I do believe I will enjoy teaching for a while but I know it is not something that I will do for the rest of my life.

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Have you ever been in a class where the teacher seemed as if they couldn't wait for the end of the day? Or maybe they just constantly read from a textbook in a monotoned voice? One of my pet peeves with some teachers is how they will encourage students to ask questions but then explain whatever it is in the exact same matter, or even worse tell you they don't have time to answer your question right then. What is also a mystery to me is how some teachers even become teachers? They don't like their jobs, they have no excitement to what they do, and some of them don't even like children! In my opinion if you don't have a passion to be a teacher, then it is not the job for you.

As an aspiring teacher I know that some days will be worse than others, but my passion for teaching will get me through those days. As a teacher I will provide motivation for my students to come to class and enjoy themselves while in class. I will encourage my students to come to me with any of their problems, be it dealing with school work or personal. As a teacher you have to and I will make my students comfortable with me. I will also allow my students to help me make lesson plans so that I know they are enjoying their days and actually learning the material. As a teacher I will do the best I can to help my students grow and progress in school and in life.