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Hi there! My name is Jessie, and I happily claim the titles of 'Certifiably Insane' and ‘Trekkie’.

My life is equally as insane as I am. I live in Virginia Beach . . . though I haven’t actually been to said beach in several years; too many TTT’s (Tourists in Tacky T-shirts).

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I am beyond addicted to my television, and can often be found watching NCIS, Star Trek, CSI: New York, or CSI: Miami. I’m also addicted to Harry Potter, though you really don’t want to take me to the movies with you . . . I happen to be that one person who keeps saying, “. . . but it didn’t happen that way in the book!”

File:800px-Harry Potter Chibi.jpg

Now books are another story. My favorites include: The House of Night novels, Twilight, The Princess Diaries, and Diary of A Wimpy Kid.

I also happen to be one of those people your mother warned you about . . . you know . . . the Music Major? She was right, we’re all nuts.

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My Thoughts


Over the years I’ve thought about the many things that I wanted to do with my life; but one thing was always present in the ever changing list, to be a Music Teacher. As I worked towards that goal, I’ve had many people ask me why I wanted to become a Teacher rather than a Performer. After thinking about the question for some time, I came up with many answers such as,

“It’s easier to get a job as a Music Teacher straight out of college,”


“Performers are a dime a dozen.”

But somewhere along the way I found the answer that would make my own Music Teachers proud,

“I love music, and wish nothing more than to be involved within it for the rest of my life. I want to be able to pass on my love of music to the many children I might encounter teaching, in hopes that at least one of them will come to love music as much, if not more, as I do.”

It is my greatest wish that I might be able to do as I dream. As for becoming a concert pianist? Who knows, it could still happen.

Educational Philosophy


It is my belief that a teacher is many things. A teacher is a freind, a mentor, a leader, an enemy, and a guidepost. A teacher should play both good cop and bad cop when needed. They should also encourage students towards the future, and aid them in any way they can.

A teacher is not a baby sitter. It is not a teachers job to teach children how to behave in public. Instead, it is their job to present an appropriate image for students to associate with the basic standards they have learned from their parents.

A teacher is not the only teacher that is important either. A parent is likely the most important teacher in a students life. Other teachers may be a church leader, an older sibling, your relatives, the neighbors . . . just about anyone they may ever encounter. It is every single persons job to be an example for the students in this world.

As a parting note, a student is not simply a young child, there are many students and their ages span the entire life span.