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Me, in a nutshell[edit]

I am currently a student at Old Dominion University. My life revolves around classes and homework. In the free time that comes and goes I love to be outside when it is warm (I hate being cold) or curl up with a good fantasy book. My best friends share a number of my nerdy qualities but we love to go out and dance the night away. My family means the world to me, so I love that my brother lives here in Norfolk. I still go home to Stafford, VA periodically to see my parents and to reclaim my room from our three cats.

My current philosophy[edit]

I believe that the best teachers I have had were those with an infectious enthusiasm for their subject. Teachers that can pique students’ curiosity and inspire them to strive are the most effective. Effective education requires standards to achieve, but should not be limited by them. Teachers are not only educators but mentors as well. They must be cognizant of their students’ extracurricular worries and limitations, but still push for the best academic performance.