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My big sis Gerry and Me on the cruise for me 21st birthday!

My name is Jordan Simpson. I am 22 years old and originally from Williamsburg Virginia. I went to Lafayette High School. I live with my boyfriend our 3 roommates and my 6th month old puppy name Duncan. I love photography, anything to do with sports (GO STEELERS!),traveling, history and everything about the beach. I spend most of my time with my boyfriend playing with our puppy. I hope to one day to work my way up through the school system to become a Superintendent and possibly get a bachelors in Child Psychology.

Education is the foundation to which our country can succeed as a Nation and in the world. Teachers are given the chance to mold a child's future. With the ability to create model citizens of society that can contribute in a positive and constructive way. Teaching is a gift that comes with a lot of responsibility. A teacher needs passion, creativity, enegery, and positive outlook. Teaching should be fun and innovative. Teaching from a book or a projector leaves little room for the imagination. The imagination is what exercises the brain making it think outside the box. Many teachers I have had over the years has definetly made learning exciting and new. These teacher brought out the best in students other teachers wouldn't give the time a day. Sometimes a student just needs a little confidence someone of importance to believe in them to be capable of achieving greatness.

The love of my life...DAVID!