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About Me

I am John Andrew Shield. I am a second year student living off campus at Old Dominion University. I am old for my grade at 22 but am young at heart. I have one older brother and he is an alumni of ODU. I am a longboarder and hope to one day become a new breed of art teacher that doesnt suck at what they do. I play online poker and online video games.


I am presently a business undecided major in the process of changing into an art education major. I believe that i would like to teach young adults in high school. I applied to do the classroom observation in Granby Highschool because it seems like a very nice school and it is relatively close to home.


I have always lived in the same place. My whole life was spent on the eastern shore of Virginia and i finally left to go to college here at ODU. When I graduate I hope to travel for a couple months before assuming my position as an art teacher. I want a wife and kids one day but definately not today.

Teaching Philosophy

I did not have some role model teacher growing up. I did not have any good example of a teacher to pull from. My educational philosophy is simple I am good with people, I always have been. And I love my subject which is art. You put a love for people and a love for your profession together and you will be good at whatever you do. That is the just of my educational philosophy.