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Hi, my name is Jenna Satcher and I am a freshman at ODU. I am double majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies- Teacher Prep PreK-6 and Mathematics-Teacher Prep. I have lived in Norfolk, Virginia my entire life and I didn't want to leave and go away to college. I love Old Dominion and cannot wait for the next four years and becoming a teacher. I enjoy learning and school is one of my top priorities.

On top of really enjoying school I enjoy dancing, cheerleading and working with little kids. I have worked at a daycare for the past three summers and I really enjoy it.

I have the opportunity to travel a lot and this past year I went to London for a leadership conference and also to Managua, Nicaragua to work with children who are either orphaned or living in awful conditions.


I also love spending time with friends.


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In my opinion, education is one of the most important parts of childhood years. A great education and educational experience is the foundation for a successful and happy life. I believe that the classroom should be a safe haven for all students and they should be allowed to express themselves freely in a non-threatening enviroment. The teacher should work extremely hard at cultivating deep and lasting relationships with each of his or her students; this will create a classroom that is more conducive to learning. I also feel that the more diverse a classroom is the better the students in that classroom will be able to handle people in the future. The United States is an especially diverse country and it is benefecial if students are introduced to this diversity at a young age. Classrooms should be comfortable for both teachers and students. If this happens I believe that the learning process will be much more productive and beneficial.

Schools are for learning. Learning is the first priority of every school and the primary job of every teacher, but at the same time learning should be done in a fun and creative way. The classroom should include interesting ways to learn instead of simple textbooks and blackboards. Also, the classroom should be a community involving the students, teacher and the parents. In my opnion, it takes a good balance of all three to create a successful classroom. Basically, the students should look forward to walking into the classroom each and everyday and they should feel safe and at ease in the classroom.