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"Jess Simpson"

About Me

Hello, my name is Jessica Kurtz. I go by Jess or Jessica, it doesn't much matter. I am currently a junior at ODU. I am majoring in Early Childhood with intentions of being involved in preschool or kindergarten. I am looking forward to getting in my observation hours to help me find where I belong. I am working to get my Master's degree. I moved to Virginia from Indiana after I graduated high school to be with my, now, fiance who is in the Air Force. I grew up in South Bend (GO NOTRE DAME) and attended Clay High School.

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my fiance, David, and me

I am the oldest of 5 children in a blended family. I love children and I love animals. My plans are to wait until graduation is over to start a family and I have compensated with my love of animals instead. I have two dogs, a german shephard and a cocker spaniel, a maine coon cat, a dwarf rabbit, a cockatiel, and a 55 gallon tank of fish. You could say I have my hands full but I enjoy every minute of it.


My friends are few and far between but they mean the world to me and I like it just the way it is.

I enjoy reading James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark books. I love just about every type of music. Frank Sinatra is a personal favorite, though. I don't watch a lot of television but I have a couple shows I am devoted to. I like to take walks and have good conversations with those who are closest to me.

I work at Farm Fresh right now and I can not wait to get into my career field.


Clay High School 2002-2006
Old Dominion Unversity 2006-Present

My Education Philosophy

I want to be the teacher that my students remember for good reasons. I have some teachers that were the best I could ask for and I will never forget them; that is who I want to be. I believe in being hands-on, very verbal, and making learning a fun activity. I will do my best to make my classroom print-rich and full of resources for my students to use. I love interacting with children and feeling like I am contributing to their learning. I want to be a teacher because I love children and I feel it is important to make a difference in their lives. What we teach them in their earlist school years will shape their future, I want to be the person that helps them become successful.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."