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Where do I start...My name is Jenna. My addictions include chocolate, the original Star Wars trilogy, the great outdoors, laughing, photography, music of most genres with heavy influence on Motown and 70's, and weekends. I'm ridiculously goofy and a hopeless romantic; two things you'll only see once you get to know me. I can't keep my room clean to save my life. Also, in case you can't tell, I'm very random. Friendships are pretty high up on my list. The best of which are my oldest friend Beth, my cousin Angela, and my 3-year-old nephew Emery. But if you only remember one thing about me, let it be my personal philosophy. I aim to live every day to the fullest. I love traveling to new places and trying new things. I acknowledge that time and life are precious and not guaranteed. I also recognize that there's limitless beauty in the world and so much to be seen and experienced. And though it would be impossible to know all the wonders of the world, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. So, that's me in a nutshell. As for my background as an educator, I have little experience except that I've worked as a part-time tutor for about five months. I love it. And, while on this subject, I'll explain why I've chosen to become a teacher.

When I was in high school, I knew too many students who dropped out, or attended but didn't care about learning and never got anything out of classes. Granted there were lots of teachers who didn't make an effort to stimulate our brains and would assign mindless work from the textbook. However, I still wanted to make something of myself, do something with my life. It really shocked me that many of my peers didn't. And that's where my passion for teaching began. I wanted to be in a position from which I could inspire students and be a positive influence in their lives. The way I see it, the world needs as many educated, concerned members it can get. So, if there's a way I can contribute to there being more scholars on the planet, then that's what I want to do. Now, I do realize I won't be able to sway all of my students to take a serious interest in their future or convince them of the value and importance of an education. But if I can impress the significance to one kid, if I could prohibit one student from giving up, I'll consider my whole career worth it.

For any enlightening or learning to occur, there must be as much of a controlled classroom as possible. I believe the best way to maintain this is through positive student-teacher relations. In other words, kids are not going to be as troublesome in class if they like and respect their teacher. That's why I plan to respect my students. I'm not going to waste their time with busy-work. I'll never embarrass or subject a student to ridicule for misbehavior. Teens want to be treated with consideration just like any adult. The other part of my teaching philosophy is given to me by the truly wonderful instructors I've been fortunate enough to have met. From witnessing the positive influence an educator can provide, I've learned that a great teacher is one that motivates and encourages students to strive to achieve their potential. It's my responsibility and my pleasure to challenge the minds of the young; to get them to "think outside the box." I can't wait to get started.

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