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A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am a TeleTechNet student at the New River Community College site. I am now in my junior year of the K-6 degree program and really enjoying the upper level course work. As of now, I don't have any classroom experience or even volunteer experience in a classroom; however, I am familiar with the local schools, teachers, and procedures. When I'm not in class or studying, I spend my time chasing and refereeing my two red headed boys, ages 8 and 5. Every Saturday evening, I tune into my favorite form of entertainment on the radio, A Prairie Home Companion. I've even "seen" a live broadcast performance at The Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I plan to continue to attend at least one show every year. And yes, I've read all Garrison Keillor's related books, seen the Lindsey Lohan movie version, and even purchased related show merchandise!!!!


Philosophy on Education

My thoughts on education are pretty traditional. I think classrooms should always consist of clear and open communication channels between parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Students and teachers should operate under the premise of mutual, two-way respect. Children should come to school without fear and parents should expect a safe learning environment to be provided by their local government. Technology is a rapidly expanding aspect of our culture and we should do all we can to incorporate that technology into our classrooms. I understand the importance of testing students' knowledge and comprehension, but I think so much flexibility and creativity are lost when teachers are forced to teach only to pass the SOLs. New approaches and methods need to be considered so that students aren't simply taught to take a test.