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Hi everyone, (everyone who read this)

I'm new to wiki and I don't really know how to use it; it quite complicated. Sometimes I read messages send to me but then can't answer or recheck them, I don't know why they just disappear ???.

If you have somethings to tell me about the article Allies vs. Axis, please write it here, I can read & answer them. Thank you very much.

Hi again.
  1. This page (User:Isparetime) is intended as your personal page where you can describe your interests and stuff like that. See some other examples of other people's User Pages: User:Xania, User:Pi zero, etc.
  2. Your other personal page (User_talk:Isparetime)) is where people can write messages for you. You'll notice that I have left 2 messages on that page. Similarly, you recently left a message for me on my Talk Page (User_talk:Xania).

I recommend reading the Using_Wikibooks book for further information and lots of useful advice. If you have questions leave a message on my Talk Page. I am active most days but I have a tendency to disappear. You can see a list of other recently active editors by looking at Special:RecentChanges which lists all of the recent edits on the website. There are a few Administrators and other more experienced editors here who you will find listed at Administrators#List_of_functionaries although they may not all be recently active. Good luck with your article.--ЗAНИA Flag of Estonia.svgtalk 21:04, 31 March 2013 (UTC)