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x86 Assembly[edit]

X86 Assembly/Cover
X86 Assembly/Introduction
X86 Assembly/Basic FAQ
x86 Basics
X86 Assembly/X86 Family
X86 Assembly/X86 Architecture
X86 Assembly/Comments
X86 Assembly/16 32 and 64 Bits
X86 Assembly/Intrinsic Data Types
x86 Instruction Set
X86 Assembly/X86 Instructions
X86 Assembly/Data Transfer
X86 Assembly/Control Flow
X86 Assembly/Arithmetic
X86 Assembly/Logic
X86 Assembly/Shift and Rotate
X86 Assembly/Other Instructions
X86 Assembly/X86 Interrupts
Syntaxes and Assemblers
X86 Assembly/x86 Assemblers
X86 Assembly/GAS Syntax
X86 Assembly/MASM Syntax
X86 Assembly/HLA Syntax
X86 Assembly/FASM Syntax
X86 Assembly/NASM Syntax
Instruction Extensions
X86 Assembly/Floating Point
X86 Assembly/MMX
X86 Assembly/SSE
X86 Assembly/3D Now
Advanced x86
X86 Assembly/Advanced x86
X86 Assembly/High-Level Languages
X86 Assembly/Machine Language Conversion
X86 Assembly/Protected Mode
X86 Assembly/Global Descriptor Table
X86 Assembly/Advanced Interrupts
X86 Assembly/Bootloaders
x86 Chipset
X86 Assembly/x86 Chipset
X86 Assembly/Direct Memory Access
X86 Assembly/Programmable Interrupt Controller
X86 Assembly/Programmable Interrupt Timer
X86 Assembly/Programmable Parallel Interface
Resources and Licensing
X86 Assembly/Resources
X86 Assembly/Licensing