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My name is Hannah, I am getting my BFA with a concentration in print & photo media my minor is art history and I am getting my license to teach as well. I didn't start out wanting to teach, or do art at all. My mother is a photographer and my father is an artist as well, so I was fighting a losing battle. I have always had a heart to travel and just love being submersed in other cultures, that is one reason why I plan to teach abroad for at least a year following my graduation. I have never been so sure or passionate that this is what I am meant to do with my life. For now though I am just waiting it out and trying to finish up here. I am not originally from Virginia, I moved here from Maine a few years ago. I love it up north is is a whole separate world, my whole family lives there so I visit as often as possible. But I now live in Chesapeake, suburbia is a completely different world from a small town in Maine, but I love it.


My Philosophy...
on Education

In the anticipation of teaching my own classroom I have often thought about how I would manage the students, how I would encourage them, build them up, how I would discipline them. It is such a challenge to imagine when you are not actually in the environment. But how I have imagined or desire to guide my classroom is with positive reinforcement. Too many kids enter high school with extremely low self esteems and are not confident to even attempt drawing, painting, or any other medium. I hope that when I begin teaching I will have a diverse classroom, it creates for interesting discussions of artwork and each others artwork. I am going to incorporate lots of group activity it instill teamwork and social skills.

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