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My name is Heather Alderman and I live in Fort Chiswell, Virginia with my husband and 18 month old daughter, Gracelyn. I received my BA in Art from Virginia Tech in 2005 and currently work at home as a graphic designer. I recently decided to pursue my license to teach PreK-6th through ODU. In my spare time I enjoy making videos, slideshows, and photo books for my daughter. I am also a very active youth leader and Children's Church teacher at my church.


When I think about what kind of teacher I strive to be, I ultimately want to be a teacher that my students will remember years later because I made such an impact in their lives. I want to be a teacher that creates a fun, intriguing atmosphere where the students actually enjoy learning.

I know everyone learns in different ways, so I plan to try and meet these diverse needs by using a variety of instructional approaches. This would include lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on experiments.

Because of the technology-based age we are living in today, I think it is important more than ever to include technology in the classroom. There are so many resources available through computers and the internet. To help with creating a fun learning environment, I plan to use classroom educational games on DVDs or popularly growing devices called "classroom clickers" where students use "clickers" to answer the questions on a screen at the front of the classroom. Their answers are recorded through a computer system for the teacher to review.

I'm sure my educational philosophy will develop and change more throughout the program. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge in order to become the best teacher I can be!