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I'm not sure what the protocol on broken links is around here (i.e. where they should be listed), but the quantity of them, especially on administrative pages and such, is frustrating, so I'm listing them here as I find them. The top level is the pages linked from; the sublists are the broken links on each page. Feel completely free to add links to this list yourself, or tell me where the official list is (Perhaps one needs to be created.)

Wikibooks:Image use policy
Wikibooks:Image description page
Wikibooks:Sound help
Wikibooks:Alternate text for images
GFDL {This one seems pretty important... maybe it should be en:GFDL instead?}
Image Policy scalebar02.png {Missing image...}
Red, Pixel, Yellow, Green {Why are these even links? Reminds me of the Everything2 style of linking anything that moves.}
Wikibooks:Non-local images

I think I've seen the intended targets of some of these links before; if I can find them again I'll correct those I can.

Wikibooks:Vandalism in progress
Wikibooks:Please do not bite the newcomers
NPOV {Should probably be en:NPOV or Wikibooks:Neutral point of view}
Wikibooks:Be_bold_in_updating_pages {This looks like a guessed link; I doubt it ever had a target.}
Wikibooks:NPOV dispute
Wikibooks:Module {That's twice now. Looks like it existed, once...}
Why is the glossary full of broken linkage? That's a sure way to discourage newcomers...
Wikibooks:What is a module {Probably intended for the same content as Wikibooks:Module, also broken}
Wikibooks:Edit war
Wikibooks:Edit conflict