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The Science of Sound
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Fundamentals of Acoustics
Fundamentals of Room Acoustics
Fundamentals of Psychoacoustics
Sound Speed
Filter Design and Implementation
Flow-induced Oscillations of a Helmholtz Resonator
Active Control
Applications in Transport Industry
Rotor Stator Interactions
Car Mufflers
Sonic Boom
Interior Sound Transmission
Applications in Room Acoustics
Anechoic and Reverberation Rooms
Basic Room Acoustic Treatments
Applications in Psychoacoustics
Human Vocal Fold
Threshold of Hearing & Pain
Musical Acoustics Applications
How an Acoustic Guitar Works
Basic Acoustics of the Marimba
Bessel Functions and the Kettledrum
Acoustics in Violins
Microphone Technique
Microphone Design and Operation
Acoustic Loudspeaker
Sealed Box Subwoofer Design
Miscellanious Applications
Bass-Reflex Enclosure Design
Polymer-Film Acoustic Filters
Noise in Hydraulic Systems
Noise from Cooling Fans
Piezoelectric Transducers
Generation and Propagation of Thunder