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I'm a chemistry lecturer at 'Tycoch Tech'.

Main Projects[edit | edit source]


Applied Science BTEC Nationals

Bad Science

Some other contributors are beginning to arrive. Thanks!

We're still trying to get other teachers around the UK to add their bits. Wish us luck!

If you want anything added, but don't feel up to adding it yourself, you can e-mail me at e.mclaughlin [at] swancoll [dot] ac [dot] uk

Please remember that material on wikibooks must not be copyright - if it's your own work, then it can be posted if you want it freely distributed. If it's not your own work, please check the sources carefully for their copyright claims.

Other stuff[edit | edit source]



A bit of 'Come and share it'; 'You're welcome, we can spare it' (Ian Dury)