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My name is Ellen Alora Shackley. I was born in Norfolk, VA and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I absolutely love living at the beach and I never want to leave! I love to shop, it's my one vice. I will shop anywhere, any place, and anytime! I also love going to the beach with my friends, going to the movies with my boyfriend, and reading. I have three younger brothers, a younger sister, and another little sibling due in september!I have a big fat cat named Waldo whose version of play is biting the heck out of you. I work at a restaurant called Surf Rider down at the beach as a waitress which is fun, it's great food and great people. Stop by if you're ever in the mood for some seafood! My plans for the future are to graduate from school, get a great job, and start a family. I would love to be able to travel around the world, there are so many interesting places all around the world that I am dying to see.

My personal philosophy of education would have to be take time to listen to children. When you sit down and actually listen to a child speak, you can gain incredible insight into what is going on in their lives. A child may have a learning disability or problems at home or they may be really gifted. Just take the time to hear what they have to say and you can make that much difference in their lives. I grew up with children all around me, I can't remember a time when i didn't have a younger sibling following me around. I have a tremendous sense of responsibility when it comes to kids. I may have resented my younger siblings at times but as I get older I realize how amazing they are and how much they really mean to me. I feel like I will make a great teacher because I can relate to younger children better than some. I know how they think and I can't wait to help them learn about everything that life has to offer!

File:Two of my brothers and my sister.JPG
Two of my brothers, Dean and Tommy, and my sister, Molly.
File:My Big Fat Cat, Waldo.JPG
My big, fat cat Waldo before he was big and fat.
File:My Boyfriend Cory and I Before Prom.JPG
My boyfriend Cory and I before prom.