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This is the Wikibook User page for erraunt aka Timothy Park.

I don't say that out of ego (OK a little bit) but more out of responsibility: "I own this mess."

And because sometimes folks like to know who wrote what and what their background is and why they think they could do something like write something like this.

Who am I? I live in the Midwest (Minnesota at this writing.) where I've had a career in Technical Education and Computer Systems for almost 20 years. Most of the later has been with a mix of graphic arts systems and high end networking.

I've liked working with my hands much longer.

I come by that honestly I think. I've got family on both sides going back a way who seem to do pretty good with their hands. My paternal Grandfather was always doing some crafty thing and had some kind of gaget or another catching his fancy. The other Grandfather actually was a blacksmith although I regret he never taught me the craft: we were busy doing other work. He did teach me how to work and gave me an appreciation for work.

Books I've Started[edit | edit source]