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Down'n'dirty Blacksmithing

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Down'n'Dirty Blacksmithing
Picture of a blacksmith.
Picture of a blacksmith.

Down'n'Dirty Blacksmithing is intended to be a practical introduction to the craft of blacksmithing through the construction of a primitive forge, tools to work the metal heated in the forge, and basic projects.

We hope that this book will provide information through text and illustrations so that an individual might:

  • Acquire necessary tools and materials.
  • Build a primitive forge.
  • Build a primitive anvil.
  • Successfully light a fire in the forge that will bring steel to a working temperature.
  • Work steel with tools made and acquired in a series of graded exercises that will give an individual an introduction to the rudiments of blacksmithing.
  • Work steel in a series of graded exercises that will continue the individual's introduction to the rudiments of blacksmithing and provide additional tools for the further exploration of the craft.

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