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  • Haskell/Classes and types
    • (tricky) implement a simple Complex data type which is an instance of Num.
  • Haskell/Understanding monads/State
    • (bonus) implement a random walk simulation.
  • Haskell/Understanding monads/List
    • implement isGrandparent (see the talk page).
  • Haskell/Monad transformers
    • Rewrite getValidPassword without using guard.
    • Implement a stop-on-failure shell script wrapper with System.Process and MaybeT.
    • Write an implementation for ErrorT.
    • Combine both kinds of random number generators through the means of StateT/IO
    • Collect the generated positions in the random walk simulation with a WriterT/State (or StateT/Writer) combo.
  • Haskell/Hierarchical libraries/Arrays
    • Complete the tic-tac-toe example from the list monad chapter by implementing a Board type with arrays.
  • Misc.
    • Write an ironic high-level implementation of a Turing machine.