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Here are copies and permalinks to material from the Haskell Wikibook I have disassembled or removed outright, just in case someone needs them eventually.

User:Duplode/Haskell leftovers - misc. removals from the first few chapters May/June 2010, around the time the new "Variables and functions" and "Truth values" were written.

User:Duplode/Haskell leftovers 2 - removals from early April 2012, related to the dismantling/reassembling of "Next Steps"

[1] - permalink to "Pattern Matching" before a major redundancy trimming in April 2012.

[2] - "Understanding monads" before trimming some overzealous "user-friendliness" in April 2012.

User:Duplode/Deprecated solutions for Understanding monads