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My real name is Daniel Victor. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am the Master Guide Instructor of the Sunway Pathfinder Club based in Sungai Way Indian Church. I've been Pathfindering from the age of 8. Over the time I've been up and down in the Pathfinder ministry but by God's grace I'm who I am now.

I almost gone on a way too far from God in which it was utterly impossible to make a U turn but as I said earlier, God grace is ever enduring. He gave me a second chance and the One thing that made me come back was something I learned when I was little, thats is Pathfindering. This was what hooked up me to make a come back. Again by God's grace I'm now completely involved in church activities and guiding and encouraging youths to join Pathfinder. There is much to learn and enjoy. Currently, I also hold the responsibility as a church clerk in Sungai Way Indian Church.

Apart from Pathfindering and church ministry, I'm working as Procurement Staff in Motorola Electronics. I studied Computer Science as IT & computers has always been my passion. Although somehow, its not related to my job scope but I never stopped updating myself on the latest technology updates.

I started on wikibooks by updating the Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book. I'm really glad that I could be part of this wonderful book which I belive would be the source of guidance for all the Pathfinders and their Instructors.

My Achievements[edit]

Achieved Honors
Completed Awards
  • Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA)
  • Master Guide
Accomplished Classes
  • Advanced Voyager
  • Advanced Explorer
  • Advanced Companion
  • Advanced Friend

My To-Do List[edit]

Honors I plan to work on
Classes I plan to complete
  • Advanced Pathfinder Staff Training
  • Advanced Ranger
  • Advanced Guide