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Exercise as it relates to Disease[edit]

2012 HDE student fact sheets[edit]

Exercise as it relates to Disease
Physical activity guidelines, after a Stroke
Effective exercise rehabilitation for stroke patients; aerobic vs resistance training
Exercise and sudden cardiac death
Pills vs exercise: reducing blood pressure in hypertension
Exercise Guidelines for Reducing Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Exercise post heart transplant
Safe Exercise for Gestational Hypertension
The Effects of Short Duration, High Intensity Exercise on Metabolic Syndrome
Insulin Resistance: The effect of exercise to reduce Metformin dependence
Effects of aerobic exercise on type 1 diabetes
Exercise Prescription for Type 2 Diabetes
Mental Health
The effects of exercise on ADHD
Improvements in General Anxiety Disorder Symptoms with Exercise
General Anxiety Disorder and Aerobic Exercise
Cancer related
Effects of Exercise on Colon Cancer Metastasis
Benefit of Exercise During Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Exercise prescription for breast cancer survivors
Cystic Fibrosis and Exercise
Aerobic Training and Exercise-Induced Asthma
The effect of exercise on rheumatoid arthritis
Effect of resistance training on knee osteoarthritis in the elderly
Osteopenia, delaying progression through exercise
Resistance training and osteoporosis
Exercise and cerebral palsy
Aerobic exercise benefits on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Aerobic exercise and relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
Barriers to Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis
A Comparison of Aerobic and Resistance Training on Multiple Sclerosis
Exercise for Autism?
Exercise effects on Parkinson's Disease
Exercise to improve sleep quality in insomnia