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About Me

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I'm a professional code monkey, presently working as a C# consultant in Omaha, NE. I think, breathe, and dream code because I have absolutely no friends or social life to speak of.

I enjoy reading, cooking, writing, and confounding strangers with my self-depreciating wit and droll humor.

Animal Rights Background

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It turns out that human beings aren't the center of the moral universe.

In general, my animal rights philosophy is inspired by Peter Singer. I have been a strict vegan since 2004.

Favorite [fill in the blank]

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Works In Progress

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F# Programming - I like this language, and I take pride in writing the F# Programming book.

Programming Background

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In order of languages learned:

  • 1997: VB5
  • 1998: VB6
  • 1999: HTML
  • 1999: JavaScript
  • 1999: VBScript/Classic ASP
  • 2000: PHP
  • 2001: C++*
  • 2001: Java
  • 2002: Perl*
  • 2003: VB.Net
  • 2004: C#
  • 2006: Python
  • 2007: Delphi
  • 2007: OCaml
  • 2007: F#
* These are languages I've only dabbled in.

I consider myself primarily a C# developer, with lots and lots of F# on the side.

Languages on my "to-be-learned" wishlist include: Ruby, Haskell, Lisp, and Erlang.


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