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Key Points[edit | edit source]

Not to turn down user’s for their opinions, or call them “immature” for their opinion, whether against Wikipedia or not. Unless they are just throwing out insults or hostile.

DISCUSS issues with editors, rather than revert there edits and threaten to block them. In とある白い猫's essay on Wikipedia, it stated that User’s would add France, Italy, and Spain under Germany or Nazi, then their edits be reverted and the reverter would warn the user/threatens to block them with no discussion whatsoever.

  • Common Sense
  • Civility
  • Be able to help.
  • Forgive and Forget.
  • Friendly towards new comers, don't bite them for there wrong/incorrect edits.
  • Any signs of children editing WMF, they should be tutored in a patient, sensible environment.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Atcovi is patrolling the Recent Changes, then finds this edit by Haslantis.


Atcovi did not provide an edit summary to his revert. Without a reason, Haslantis might look through this revert. He probably doesn't know what he did wrong. Since this user is new, he possibly thinks it's an accident and add's his reverted changes back. It's always needed for a reason why you reverted an edit so the user (when notified about the revert) can see what he did wrong, and maybe discuss with the user.

Good Choices

Atcovi founds out that Haslantis has added his reverted changes back to the page. This is a wrong part on Haslantis's part, but since he is new, he probably did not know what to do. And seeing that Atcovi did not give a reason to his revert, Haslantis might've thought that he reverted the edit on accident.

Now in response to this, he didn't revert his edits and dropped a warning template on his head. He instead left it there, then discussed with the user on what he is doing here, and why it's important. The best part is, Haslantis responds to his question. There, Atcovi gives him the "ok' text.

Who knew? If Atcovi was a stubborn editor he might have reverted his edits and dropped a warning template repeatedly on his talk page. Haslantis might have gotten frightened by this, and leave Wikibooks.

But maybe if Atcovi didn't bite the newcomer, this "newcomer" could've turned into one of the best editors on this site. Helping with a lot of the maintenance, involved in discussions, and started over 5 wikijunior books.

Plans[edit | edit source]

  • This essay be acknowledged.

Ideas[edit | edit source]

  1. Patrol Wikipedia's recent changes to find any signs of PoV users who violate Wikipedia's PoV policy, child "vandals", and editors who are just clueless, then leave them a message suggesting that they take there editing "bags" and move over to Wikiversity, where they can write articles from there point of view, which is permitted on Wikiversity, or (for clueless editors) learn the "Wiki Ways" at Wikiversity.