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This chapter explains the meaning of the various icons used in Usenet Explorer.

See also Explaining icons on the Usenet Explorer website.

Elements of Icons[edit | edit source]

Background Colors[edit | edit source]

  • white background: single-part message
  • green background: multi-part message
  • yellow background: collection
  • blue (magenta) background: ?
  • grey upper half: incomplete multi-part message or incomplete collection
  • red upper half: incomplete multi-part message that cannot be previewed because the first part is missing

Dashes[edit | edit source]

  • lower part dashed: partly downloaded
  • entirely dashed: completely downloaded

Checkmark[edit | edit source]

  • checkmark: marked for download

Mini-Icons[edit | edit source]

Miniature icons in lower right corner of icons.

  • grey oval with black dot: par2 recovery file
  • grey "ear": par2 checksum file
  • red/magenta/blue flag: rar file
  • magenta rectangle with red corner: image file
  • music note: audio file
  • white rectangle with grey dot: pdf file

Workspace Icons[edit | edit source]

Newsgroups tab[edit | edit source]

Servers tab[edit | edit source]

  • black computer: server with no newsgroups attached
  • green computer: server
  • envelope: ?
  • green dot: ?
  • grey book: ?
  • blue book with black asterix: ?
  • blue book with black asterix and green dot: ?
  • grey book with grey filter:

Newsgroup list tab[edit | edit source]

Open views tab[edit | edit source]

Newsgroup Icons[edit | edit source]