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Usenet Explorer User's Manual

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Usenet Explorer is a multi server, multi windows, multitasking newsreader for text and binaries. A powerful binary downloader, without compromising support for text. Supports virtual groups and grouping binary posts into collections. Has full download automation capabilities. Is fast and reliable. Includes a comprehensive Usenet binary indexing service.


Multiserver, Multitasking, Virtual groups, Collections, NZB, Header filtering, Automation, SSL support, Fast and reliable, Indexing service

User Interface

Icons, Windows and panes, Toolbars, Editors, Keyboard shortcuts, Workspace, Task manager, Quick filter bar, Search service bar, Toolbar, Status bar, Filter editor


Quick Start, Installation, Configuration, Getting headers, Searching, Reading News, Downloading, Import NZB files, Filters, Automation, Tips & Tricks, FAQ


Versions, Glossary, Index, References