Usenet Explorer User's Manual/Manual/Automation

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This chapter explains the automation features of Usenet Explorer.

Associate a Watch Filter with a Newsgroup[edit | edit source]

By associating a Watch Filter with a Newsgroup, you can automatically download attachments of headers that match a filter.

  1. open the Properties window (Edit > Properties or F5), select the Watch/Auto headers tab
  2. in the Available watch filters pane, select the watch filter
  3. in the Newsgroup(s)/Folder pane, select the newsgroup or folder
  4. click the Add button; the filter will show up in the Watch filters pane
  5. specify the directory to save the attachments to using the Browse or Default buttons

Now, if headers are downloaded that match the filter, the attachments in the bodies of the messages are saved automatically. Each time new headers are downloaded, additional parts of the attachments are downloaded and saved. There's no need to wait for a posting to complete uploading; it is downloaded automatically when it appears on your news servers.