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Block section

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New blocks

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Some blocks proposed by Unicode, sometimes never rare:

  • Hangul, contains some syllables in modern, we added.
  • Hangul supplementaries
    • Hangul Supplementary A, contains some syllables used in Damko, Linu, Habu, Molpa, Kwija, Mujna, and Bigam, we added.
    • Hangul Supplementray B, contains some syllables used in Damko, Linu, Jiak, Habu, Molpa, Kwija, Nahe, and Miolap, we added.
  • Former
    • Tibetan, contains some letters used in the Tibetan script, we added.

Some blocks used by blockquote[1]. By other references[2][3], from Java[4], by qidim from wikilink[5]:

Some different references used by open centre by others[6][7][8], by kim[9] in some results[note 1][note 2]

Markup *wikitext by other
''pao'' da meja
no lais
renders as

pao da meja no lais

Error: no page names specified (help).

[edit | edit source]
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  1. By some note< /nowiki> -second by other results in 21, by outdent
    Some individual references
    'cause results by Wiki.
    You by results
    so kind by usa.
    You give from di.
    And so forth.
    And so on.
    The outdent template yet have hover text, so follows: This is the mouse from this text You see again!
  2. 2Dmaouai

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Pososjj sjs amaidii