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Greek vase Dionysos attica 520 bC.jpg Understanding Scientific Terminology
Greek and Latin Roots of Scientific Terms.
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Why I wrote this book[edit | edit source]

As a biologist, I have found that an understanding of the Greek and Latin word roots is invaluable. It makes scientific names much less mysterious, and aids in the understanding of Scientific subjects. I find, however, that it is harder and harder to find books on these subjects, and students are not encouraged to learn the classical languages.

For this reason, I decided to make a simple book of roots and exercises to aid the students in my introductory Biology classes. I encourage anyone who has a good knowledge of classical languages to correct me if I go astray, because I learned my roots largely by context and the dictionary, although I did take a class in this subject. ( The text is referenced on the contents page).

I hope that this will make Science less scary for students.

Jan 15, 2008

Rosalyn Hunter, M.S.