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The formula Qing Shen Yi Fang (轻身一方), designed to invigorate the spleen, expel dampness, eliminate turbid evils, and reduce blood lipid, consists of the following:

No. Pinyin Simplified Chinese Grams
1 Huang Qi 黄芪(膜荚黄芪) 15
2 Han Fang Ji 汉防己 15
3 Bai Zhu 白术 15
4 Chuan Xiong 川芎 15
5 Zhi He Shou Wu 制何首乌 15
6 Ze Xie 泽泻 30
7 Shan Zha 山楂 30
8 Dan Shen 丹参 30
9 Yin Chen 茵陈 30
10 Shui Niu Jiao 水牛角 30
11 Da Huang 大黄(药用大黄) 6
12 Yin Yang Huo 淫羊藿 9

The formula Qing Shen Yi Fang (轻身一方) is not suitable for obesity without excessive phlegm and dampness, and is also not suitable for pregnant women.

Source: Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (中医杂志), as reproduced in "Development of Formulas of Chinese Medicine", by Liu Gongwang. ISBN: 7-5080-2797-3. Huaxia Publishing House. 2002.

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