Traditional Chinese Medicine/Head And Neck Acupuncture Points

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The acupuncture points of the Head and Neck (头颈穴) include:

Chinese Name Pinyin Acupoint
四神聪 sì shén cōng EX-HN1
当阳 dāng yáng EX-HN2
印堂 yìn táng EX-HN3
鱼腰 yú yāo EX-HN4
太阳 tài yáng EX-HN5
耳尖 ěr jiān EX-HN6
球后 qiú hòu EX-HN7
上迎香 shàng yíng xiāng EX-HN8
内迎香 nèi yíng xiāng EX-HN9
聚泉 jù quán EX-HN10
海泉 hǎi quán EX-HN11
金津 jīn jīn EX-HN12
玉液 yù yè EX-HN13
翳明 yì míng EX-HN14
颈百劳 jǐng bǎi láo EX-HN15

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