Traditional Chinese Medicine/Back Acupuncture Points

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The acupuncture points of the Back (背部穴) include:

Chinese Name Pinyin Acupoint
定喘 dìng chuǎn EX-B1
夹脊 jiá jǐ EX-B2
胃脘下俞 wèi wǎn xià shù EX-B3
痞根 pǐ gēn EX-B4
下志室 xià zhì shì EX-B5
腰宜 yāo yí EX-B6
腰眼 yāo yǎn EX-B7
十七椎 shí qī zhuī EX-B8
腰奇 yāo qí EX-B9

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