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Web portal "Open Data Challenge"
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Web portal "Open Data Challenge" - a national competition for innovative IT-projects based on open data. The competition is designed to attract developers, startups, designers, researchers and public activists to use open data to develop services and products that will help solve the problems of Ukrainian society. The prize fund is UAH 2 500 000.

The portal contains the following sections:

  • About the project;
  • Submit a project;
  • Selection criteria;
  • Special nomination;
  • Stages of the project;
  • Jury;
  • ODC 2018/2017;
  • Open Data Toolkit.

Online service[edit | edit source]

Users can apply for the contest in the section "Submit a project" by filling out the appropriate form.

Using the portal tool "Open Data Toolkit", you can find out the following information:

  • What regulatory framework allows the use of open data;
  • Where to find data for my project;
  • What tools will help me to work with the data;
  • Where can I find examples of projects based on open data.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

Users can view successful examples of projects and startups based on open data by going to the section "Open Data Toolkit" and selecting the subsection "Where can I find examples of projects based on open data".

E-government related projects[edit | edit source]

2017[edit | edit source]

  • Court in the palm of your hand - an analytical tool for searching, research and visualization of court decisions, which allows you to analyze the judicial practice in a few clicks. With the help of special algorithms, the texts of court decisions are transformed into structured data. The information obtained is combined with other publicly available data published by the state.
  • UA fines - mobile tracking technology, which allows you to determine the quality of driving a car using the telemetric properties of a smartphone. The service informs the driver about the driving style, gives advice on improving skills, fines and their repayment, sends a reminder about the need to renew the insurance policy and provides discounts on its purchase.
  • UA donor is an all-Ukrainian platform for a quick search for blood donors, a solution to the problem of donation at the system level.
  • Dear deputies - an interactive mobile application with elements of gamification, which makes it possible to control the actions of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.
  • InfoFlow - a database of state and municipal property - land, real estate, subsoil, containing comprehensive information about them.

2018[edit | edit source]

  • LvivCityHelper - chat-bot of the Lviv City Council, quickly and easily provides access to the city’s public information 24/7.
  • Regulatory map of Ukraine - service, processes and visualizes information about the regulatory activities of local governments.
  • Transparent infrastructure - a platform of open data on large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Public monitoring of infrastructure - B2G (business to government) software, based on open data, creates an interactive map of repairs and construction.
  • The only energy account is a service that provides convenient and public monitoring of energy consumption by state institutions online 24/7.
  • Laws Simply - a bot that searches the national regulatory framework based on semantic characteristics and provides the most relevant answer to legal questions, regardless of the field of activity.
  • Get-to-Tender - a service that, on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine learning, is looking for the best tenders for suppliers in the system Prozorro.
  • MyCity is a web resource that combines all services and services for city residents and entrepreneurs based on open data into a single multiplatform.
  • ProZorro.Maino - the only open registry of communal property.
  • Opendatabot - a platform that allows you to monitor the registration data of Ukrainian companies and the judicial register to protect against raider seizures and control counterparties.