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Web-portal for viewing public procurements
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Official website:

Public procurement review web portal - is open by a resource that offers access to all information from the central database on electronic tendering that was announced on July 31, 2016.

State contracting organizations publish tender announcements (and auction participants participate in auctions) with the help of an electronic auction module, access to which they receive by registering on authorized electronic platforms. The auction module is responsible for ensuring that the information enters the central database and is made public on the portal and all other sites at the same time.

The portal, database and e-auction module together with partners and stakeholders form a single system of electronic public procurement.

The data of the Unified Electronic Procurement System is permitted for their further free use and distribution. Any person can freely copy, publish, distribute, use, including for commercial purposes, in combination with other information or by including in his own product, public information in the form of public data with mandatory reference to the source of such information.

Information on the web portal is provided in the following sections:

  • News;
  • Developments;
  • Protection of participants;
  • Training;
  • Monitoring

E-services[edit | edit source]

Users can search public procurement by filters:

  • keyword;
  • cost;
  • common purchasing dictionary;
  • state classifier of products and services (SCPS);
  • purchase number;
  • date;
  • customer;
  • region;
  • status;
  • procedure.

Purchases for public funds occur online:

  • Any person, a representative of the media or regulatory authorities can virtually attend the auction of the procurement.
  • An attempt to conduct a corrupt tender is immediately publicized.
  • The system permanently saves the history of changes and makes it possible to view deleted documents.

The process of choosing a winner is clear and public:

  • Any bidder online can see which companies have participated and file a complaint.
  • The system provides full access to commercial offers of all participants and the course of bidding.
  • The system sets out complete information about the product, service or work of the winner, including the concluded contract.