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The Ten Commandments

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This book should be a helpful resource when studying the Scripture and teaching others about how the Judeo-Christian and Islamic ethical commandments relate to the laws imposed modern societies and the personal moral code that is voluntary yet necessary for us to live in and uphold our present civilized societies

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Understanding the Ten Commandments

  1. The Commandments: Then And Now 0% developed
  2. Which Is The Most Important Commandment? 0% developed
  3. /Human weaknesses and divine aspirations 0% developed

The Commandments

Commandment Jewish Orthodox Catholic,
I am the Lord your God0% developed 1 1 1
You shall have no other gods before me0% developed 2
You shall not make for yourself an idol0% developed 2
You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God0% developed 3 3 2
Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy0% developed 4 4 3
Honor your father and your mother0% developed 5 5 4
You shall not murder0% developed 6 6 5
You shall not commit adultery0% developed 7 7 6
You shall not steal0% developed 8 8 7
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor0% developed 9 9 8
You shall not covet your neighbor's wife0% developed 10 10 9
You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor25% developed 10