The Natural Step for Communities Study Circle Guide/Session 3

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Session 3: Eco-Housing and Green Building/Businesses (Chapter 7 & 8)

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Begin with the Circle Question

  • Think of a building in your community (i.e. your home, library, church, etc.) that you liked to spend time in. What are the characteristics of the building that make it enjoyable for you?
  • What features of your current dwelling encourage or discourage alteration to a more sustainable habitat?
  • In light of the fourth system condition, what factors should be considered when determining an affordable housing policy for your community?
  • In light of the Natural Step framework, if you were a business owner, what steps would you take to determine how to make your business greener?
  • The book highlights a number of types of businesses (fast-food restaurant, hotel, auto dealer, tanning company, construction, etc.) that have created a market advantage because they have gone green. What businesses or types of businesses in your community do you think could benefit most from incorporating green practices such as co-location, waste and pollution reduction, recycling, green building, etc? Explain.
  • Did reading this section make you want to do something differently or to take some action in your life? If so, explain.