The Natural Step for Communities Study Circle Guide/Session 2

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Session 2: Changing to Renewable Energy Resources and Alternative Transportation (Chapter 5 & 6)

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Begin with the Circle Question

  • As explained in the book, different Swedish communities use different sources of energy. From what energy sources is your local power company producing energy? From what you now know about the types of renewable energy available and your communities access to these energy resources (i.e. solar, wind, biomass), what combination of renewable energy sources do you think might work well in your community? Explain.
  • Are green energy pricing programs are offered in your area? If so describe them. Have you chosen to participate in these programs? Why or why not?
  • Besides decreasing emissions, can you identify other benefits to the development of a less fossil-fueled dependent transportation system?
  • Describe the physical, social and economic barriers in your community may that prevent people from getting to places other than by car.
  • Are there alternative transportation options in your community, and how are they working? How can your community support the development of such options?
  • Did reading this section make you want to do something differently or to take some action in your life? If so, explain.