The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Room of Rites

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The Hallway of Eyes

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The Room of Rites is where Zelda is being held hostage by Twinrova. As you go through, you will see a bunch of eye statues with moving pupils that'll stop in all directions but one. Pay attention to the pupils, and follow the path the pupils aren't looking (e.g. if two are looking up, three are looking down, and another few looking right, you'd go left).

After getting through, you will see Zelda on the sacrifice table, as you walk toward her, you will be warped into a room with Koume and Kotake.

Kotake and Koume

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File:Zelda Oracles Kotake Koume.PNG

Kotake and Koume are not difficult. Head for a corner of the room, and wait for the sisters to fly by and attack. Kotake shoots ice attacks, while Koume shoots fire attacks. Deflect their attacks with your sword. If the attack hits the witch who cast it she'll be unaffected, but if it hits the other witch she'll take damage.

After enough hits, Kotake and Koume will combine into their super form, Twinrova. It doesn't matter which one you damage and you don't need to damage them both. Staying near the edges of the room is usually safest for avoiding being hit by them as they fly around.


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File:Zelda Oracles Twinrova.PNG

Twinrova is much harder to beat than Kotake and Koume. She will alter the battlefield from fire to ice as she demonstrates her powers. On the fire battlefield she will open up pits of lava, unleash swarms of Fire Keese and shoot fireballs (which split and bounce on impact) at you. On the ice battlefield she will make the floor icy and send spiked balls of ice at you. All attacks can be blocked by the shield. The ice attacks can also be knocked away with the sword.

Twinrova is vulnerable to sword attacks, particularly spin attacks. After being hit a few times, she'll turn both blue and red for a very short period of time, in which you can hit her with a scent seed from the slingshot/seed shooter to damage her. After several seed hits in that vulnerable form, she'll be defeated. You can equip the File:Zelda Oracles Ring 34.png Snowshoe Ring (n.34) to avoid sliding on the ice, or the File:Zelda Oracles Ring 23.png Charge Ring (n.23) to attack more effectively, or rather choose any magic ring that enhances you attack and defence. When the room transitions, take care to stand near the center or very edge so-as to not end up in lava.

When Twinrova is on the verge of defeat, she will face you and fire off both fire and ice attacks at once. Be very careful at that point!

When you strike her down enough, she will sacrifice herself and revive your ultimate foe...

The Dark King

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File:Zelda Oracles Ganon.PNG

Ganon is by far, the toughest and true final boss of the game. Make sure you have Roc's Cape and your sword equipped. Ganon will frequently warp around the room, unleashing a melee of attacks:

  • When he tries to strike you with his spear, jump to dodge his slashes.
  • When he shoots off 1 energy ball, or 3 energy balls at once, you can also dodge them by jumping.
  • When he fires a 4-way attack, watch out! Each ball will split into 3 smaller ones! Jump over these as well.
  • When starts warping around a few times without actually appearing, he soon appear and try to stun you with a jump attack. Jump right before he lands it, and dodge the huge energy ball he fires. Be sure to time your jump around when he does, lest you end up landing before him.
  • When Ganon is near defeat, he will change the room, and your controls will be reversed. Be very careful to avoid confusion.

The only way to defeat Ganon is to charge up a spin attack and strike Ganon after he appears, then immediately prepare to dodge his attacks. If he's about to strike with a spear, you should just dodge first as that attack doesn't give time to hit him without being hurt. Only the Master Sword can harm Ganon without using spin attacks.

After many hits, Ganon will be defeated once more, you'll truly finish the game, learn the Hero's Secret, earn the File:Zelda Oracles Ring 55.png Victory Ring, and see the final ending.