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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Locations/Stone Tower

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The Stone Tower is a location in the world of Termina in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Description[edit | edit source]

The tower stands to the east of the abandoned kingdom of Ikana. It is easily the biggest human-made object in Termina, its height being surpassed only by the mountain of Snowhead, and is multiple times taller than the Clock tower. It has countless holes on the surface which could be windows, or "murder holes", through which boulders fall. The interior is a huge vertical shaft with floating blocks which move when a certain switch is pressed. The black abyss below the first level implies that there are many sublevels. ReDead roam around the platforms.

Location[edit | edit source]

It is situated in the Ikana village, where only a girl and her father live. Her father was attacked by Gibdo, mummified men and nearly became a Gibdo himself, although he is transforming into one and losing his humanity. The only other ones who live there are Igos do Ikana, the king of Ikana, and his two bodyguards. The three of them has been dead for a long time but live on as Stalfos in their abandoned castle.

History[edit | edit source]

It is unknown why the Stone Tower was built and by whom. Considering the puzzles and difficult road, it might have been a hideout or military headquarters a long time ago. It might have been the base of the Garo since their leader is lurking in the temple. However, Igos do Ikana says "Stone Tower is an impregnable stronghold! Not a hundred of my warriors could topple it!" This implies that he died while he and his army tried to climb it. That makes it puzzling that they would build a castle so near the enemy stronghold and not something simpler. The tower might have been built by the Four Giants since it would have been nigh impossible for human beings to build it.

The temple[edit | edit source]

The tower might also be nothing but a protective cluster for the even more puzzling Stone Tower temple, located on top. The fourth Giant is held there by the giant centipedes Twinmold. The most wonderous thing of all is the ruby emblem directly under the temple entrance. If the emblem is fired upon with a Light arrow. Gravity is reversed and objects are now attracted to the sky instead of the earth. This further implies that the tower was not built by humans. It also explains the numerous sublevels which keeps the tower from falling down to the sky. The gravity-flip must be restricted to Stone Tower since the seas and people in Clock Town are still there afterwards, time moves like normal however. Also, the lair of Twinmold is reached by falling into the sky through a hole in the flipped temple. The hole differs from the other pits since sand appears to float in it and vaguely forms a whirlpool, the sky and sun can still be seen through it though. The hole appears to be some kind of portal to a pocket dimension, since when Link falls through it, he finds himself not falling into the sky, but in a semmingly endless desert where Twinmold lives. In the desert there are some small pillars with several Majora's mask pictures carved into it, this might imply that this was the home of the creators of Majora's mask. Exploration of the desert is very restricted since if Link walks too far of, he will sink into the sand in an incredibly rapid rate. This might mean that the sand on the arena is on a mountain, or maybe even an ancient temple.