The Devonshire Manuscript/ffor to love her for her lokes lovelye

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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Nowe fare well love and theye lawes forever To Rayle or geste ye kno I vse yt not
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 75r

f. [75r]

1    ffor to love her for her lokes{es} lovelye
2    my herte was sett in thought right furmlye
3    trusting bye toruthe trouthe to have had Relessed redresse /
4    but she hath made anodre promes
5    and hathe gyven me leve full honestelye
6    yet do I not refuse yt gretelye
7    for on my faith I lovid so surelye
8    but reson woll that I doo leese
9    for to love her.
10    sins that in love the paynes be dedelye
11    me thinckes{es} yt best that reddelye
12    I doo retorne to my furst addresse
13    for at this tyme to grete is the presse
14    and parells apere to abbundauntelye
15    for to love her.

Commentary[edit | edit source]

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. The speaker judges that the perils of loving the lady are too great; thus, he will reasonably return to a lighter, more courteous demeanor toward her (“my furst addresse”). This poem provides an interesting glimpse into the different manners and consequences of addressing a lady.

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Textual Notes[edit | edit source]

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Collation[edit | edit source]

1 lovelye] lovely LEge10
2 herte] hert LEge10 sett] set LEge10 furmlye] fermely LEge10
3 bye toruthe] by LEge10 trouthe] trought LEge10 Relessed redresse /] redresse LEge10
4 anodre] an othee LEge10 promes] promese LEge10
5 hathe] hath LEge10 gyven] geven LEge10 love] leve LEge10 honestelye] honestly LEge10
6 refuse yt gretelye] reioyse it greately LEge10
7 lovid] loved LEge10 so] to LEge10 surelye] surely LEge10
8 reson] reason LEge10 woll] will LEge10 doo loosse] do sesse LEge10
9 her.] her> LEge10
10 sins] Syns LEge10 be dedelye] ben dedly LEge10
11 thinckes] thincke LEge10 yt] it LEge10 riddelye] reddely LEge10
12 doo] do LEge10 retorne] retorn LEge10 furst] first LEge10 addresse] adresse LEge10
13 grete] great LEge10 presse] prese LEge10
14 parells] perilles LEge10 apere] appere LEge10 abbundauntelye] abundauntely LEge10
15 her.] her LEge10