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The Conran Community

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This book is part of a collaborative social history project. It aims to document what is known about the Cape Conran Community that emerged in the mid-1900's at East Cape Conran in far-eastern Victoria, Australia. Content may range from:

  • Aboriginal and white history before any structures were built (likely to be sparse)
  • The establishment of the houses after World War II
  • Stories from the period of their occupancy
  • Their forced demolition in 1986 and the disbandment of the Community
  • The legacy and remains of the Community through to the present.

Proposed Draft Contents

Preface & Acknowledgements[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

First Australians[edit | edit source]

Early white history[edit | edit source]

Camping[edit | edit source]

Early Houses Era[edit | edit source]

Mid-Houses Era[edit | edit source]

Late Houses Era[edit | edit source]

Final Years[edit | edit source]

Post-Houses[edit | edit source]